CRUMBS in Atlanta

CRUMBS goes to Atlanta for the first time ever. We have been trying to get down to see our friends in Dad's Garage for years and it finally happened. Dad's Garage is the name of a theatre down in Georgia that does some wicked-ass improv for those that don't know and wondered what I was talking about when I mentioned Dad's Garage and thought I was really into my fathers mechanic's shop which happened to be in the southern United States.

I am looking forward to:



It being hot

I have no idea who or what this actually is, I suppose it is a TV show about weird people doing weird things in a city known as Hotlanta?

CRUMBS is going down to compete in the World Domination Improv Festival. We will be down there with such improv super acts as:

The Teams:

Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton, Alberta)
CRUMBS (Winnipeg, wait... Hey, that's us.)
4Track (New York City)
Skin & Lungs (Vancouver & Regina)
Pete and Pat (Los Angeles & Vancouver)

This is the song that will be stuck in my head the whole time I am there:

This is the song that will be stuck in my head on the flight home:

What really helped was that our good buddy Kevy is now the Artistic Director of the theatre, not that we didn't have good buddies already in Atlanta, it just translated into CRUMBS actually getting there. We will no doubt love our time down there, we have been playing with these folks for years and look forward to seeing what their home turf is like. We have heard all the legends and stories, now for the reality.

Who is Kevy? Well here he is: