CRUMBS in Febrruarry

CRUMBS always gets a little baffled in February. The weirdly pronounced month, hence the spellling mistake in the title. But fear not, we have cold snaps in Winnipeg, but we also have IMPROV SNAPS!

First, CRUMBS would like to thank everyone for coming out to the show at the King's Head. It was certainly a fun show, filled with flaming horses, the wild west, genealogy, DNA, immortality, blood transfusions and a whole lotta laughs.

Second, CRUMBS would love love love to see you all at the Gas Station Theatre for the upcoming show/party that CRUMBS is putting together on Sat, Feb 22nd. The show will not only feature the improv you have grown to love and expect, we've also invited some of Winnipeg's stand-up comics to give you a taste of some comedy told standing up and into a mic. We're also going to have the musical wizardry of Leif (who is known for his musicianship with Outside Joke and The D&D Improv Show).


Be sure to tune into the CRUMBS radio show every single Monday at 5pm CST on 101.5 UMFM.

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