April Flowers

I was told there would be flowers, April Flowers, but here I am riding on top of a March Lion, a March Lion that was supposed to "morph" into some sort of lamb-like creature. Oh well, if we humans didn't have the weather to complain about, I'm sure we'd find something else.

So April in Winnipeg means the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and here we are fresh from having the festival stain Winnipeg with hilarity and comedic wonderment. I did get to hang out with some comedy folks (here's some photographic proof). Winnipeg was the funniest place on the planet for a week and we still have the strength to muster some more funny. Funny has not yet died. Here are some shows to enjoy.

On Tuesday we can look forward to another show brought to you by the Comedy Knights at the King's Head. The show will be CRUMB & Friends. The CRUMB will be Stephen Sim (as Lee White is still on tour in Europe) and the Friends will be: RobYn Slade, Jane Testar, Andrea del Campo, Gordon Tanner and Cory Wojcik. You can always look forward to free comedy at the King's Head on a Tuesday, so we'll always see you there.

On Friday we can look forward to another Winnipeg Stand-up showcase at the Park Theatre featuring a gaggle of handsome/funny comics standing in front of a mic stand, spinning hilarious yarns for the masses.

On Saturday we can look forward to Outside Joke's show at the Gas Station Theatre. The show will feature guests from Edmonton's Rapid Fire Theatre performing a "Theatresports-esque-Trademark-Free" competitive improv match (hosted by the ever writing this paragraph Stephen Sim). Get Tickets!

As we look back on a successful week of comedy for Winnipeg we can all thank the lovely and hard working folks at the Gas Station Arts Centre for putting together an amazing festival.

Highlights? Okay...

Bill Pats did his new show directed by Bruce Clark and then he was able to go to an after party at Moxie's (see his show to understand how amazing this truly is)

Tom Green and I both learned that we both went to Middle School (Junior High School) together. We might have even played street hockey, skateboarded and played 1941 at the Mac's together.

Did some improv with some fine Edmonton folks, which I hadn't done in a long time. We did a Dr Who inspired improv show that was filled with silly fun times. Very good to hang out and play with the cast of The Irrelevant Show.

I was able to reveal myself as the mysterious "ID guy voice" for DNTO in the live show at the Gas Station Arts Centre. Such a fun show. The true stories were truly great, the music was great, and having to re-do the credits at the end because I mispronounced the name of my boss was great.

Sook Yin and Stephen "meeting" onstage. She called me a slob, then called me rugged. Which do you think is more appropriate? #teamrugged

I learned that Elvira Kurt pronounces her name El-veera Kurt. Who know (the answer is everybody... also, who knew that someone introducing artists could mispronounce so many people's names).

Being immersed in the stand-up comedy world and seeing Winnipeg engulfed in comedy was amazing. Seeing local Winnipeg comics hold their own, and sometimes even hold themselves up high, was also wonderful.

Size Matters show backstage (tall meets small)

Trish Cooper before the No Bro Show getting ready. And then Evany Rosen (of Picnicface) doing her set.

A great week. Now let's have this lion I'm riding on turn into a lamb and smell some flowers.

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