CRUMBS in Liepzig

So this was our first time in Liepzig and it is always nice to find new cities and countries and groups to work with on the tour. To find new stages and audiences to win over to our side. And Liepzig was cool.

One cool thing that I learned was how to remember how to spell Liepzig. You see in Germany there are things that are spelled "ie" and things that are spelled "ei" and I always mixed the two up. Then I created a "donkey bridge" that was so obvious I wonder how I hadn't thought of it before... What's that? You don't know what a "donkey bridge" is? I see, yet another German thing I should explain.

A "donkey bridge" is when you create a little trick or short cut to remember something. This could be a story or rhyme in your head to remember someone's name, for example. The reason it is called a donkey bridge is... because... I really don't know.

Back to "ie" and "ei". The "ie" words (like Liepzig) start with the letter I and also have the I sound. The words with "ei" (like weisse beire) start with the letter E and also have the E sound. Presto! Instant donkey bridge, now to find out why they call it donkey bridge.


We did our show there at a club called NATO, that is pretty cool all on its own. It was a good show too, lot's of strange references to the ridiculous (one of the suggestions was "ridiculous" in my ongoing quest to hear the English words that Germans think sound funny). The show had story lines where there weren't really any bad guys, all the antagonists had heart, and a good reason to be doing what they were doing.

Fun show.

Next stop Onsabrucke & Munster double bill (another new stop)