CRUMBS in Osnabrucke & Munster

So we do a double bill in Osnabrucke and Munster (not in both places, the double was the fact that we did both the cities). What we learned is:

-Osnabrucke we barely remember because we left right after the show (which made us have to have the show really be on time and had no room for an encore). Also, we did have a nice lunch right by the steps where the 30 years war ended. *Link for history nerds

-Muenster could seriously put Amsterdam into competition for the headquarters of the "bicycle army" if the war between cars and bikes ever gets off the ground.

This is also the time of the tour where we found out some bad news. Our Friend Joe Bird passed away (on April Fool's Day no less). He was an Edmonton legend and member of The Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie (I guess the first dead dead troll?). He was a member of this touring Canadian comedy troupe who made us young improv comedy folks realize that it could be done. Later becoming friends thanks to the Canadian Fringe touring circuit. We shared many a fun filled night of convo and laughs. We dedicated both these shows to him and his memory. The show in Munster actually being filled with bird references that we didn't even realize until after the show. I guess we were just focused on the show. I am positive Joe was laughing his ass off.

Next stop: The Hammer!