CRUMBS in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe... direct translation? Karl's quiet, or Karl's relaxing place... or something like that. It turns out that Karl (some super cool ruler of some sort) had his relaxing castle here and this is where his wife stayed. I suppose he had other places where there were loud party mistresses.

The show was at a place called Z10, it is where the show was and also where we ate and where we slept too. It was like a 3 in 1 all purpose place, we could have done anything there and not have needed to step outside once.

Our musician for the show was a dude who was also studying to be a meteorologist... so at first we thought the group had misunderstood us and thought that we needed a weatherman instead of a musician for the show. Next we thought he was an expert on meteors. Then we just asked him all the questions that we could think of about weather before we had the show... you know, just to make him feel comfortable.

Here is how it went:

CRUMBS – So is global warming real?

Meteorologist/Musician - Yes, it is measurably.

C – Do you think it is caused by humans?

M – Most definitely.

C – Is weather always happening?

M – Yes.

C – So, if it isn't raining or anything and it is just sunny, it is still weather?

M – Yeah, weather is always happening.

C – Is there weather on the moon?

M – Umm, no.

C – Why not? What about when it is sunny there?

M – Um, well, because weather is the effect on atmosphere.

C – And the moon doesn't have an atmosphere?

M – No.

C – Are you sure?

M – I am almost completely sure.

C – Is there weather on the sun?

M – No.

C – Do meteors affect the weather?

M – Uh...

C – I mean, they would affect the atmosphere wouldn't they?

M – I guess...

C – Could you tell me what the weather will be like on my birthday?

M – You can only maybe predict a couple of days ahead.

C – They can only "maybe" predict?

M – Yeah.

C – They should call them Maybeologists.

M – Yeah, I guess so.

The show suggestions were = lego, sports car, refrigerator?

It starts with an old married couple in the kitchen. The husband is upset because their fridge is broken and they will have to get a new one. He was very attached to it, he had it in college and it was the first appliance he had ever bought.

We then jump to a garage that fixes cars, but hey, they are really bad at fixing cars. They are called “Speedy” (no relation to the actual “Speedy” muffler). We see a guy bringing his car in to be fixed, and fixed quick as he needs to pick his wife up at the Hospital (why he decides to bring his car in to the shop at that moment I don't know?).

We see the wife talking to her Doctor. There is something wrong with the wife, but none of the tests are showing anything... medical mystery.

The old couple finally adopt a little beat up fridge named josh, and it seems to fill the emptiness of them not being able to have kids of their own. They have a nice funeral for their old one.

The doctor realizes that on the X-ray there are a number of sad faces inside his patient. He calls in an expert and they remove them, it cures of depression. This instantly fixes the problems in the marriage. They get a car in the shape of a whale... it made sense, trust us.