CRUMBS at the Fringe!

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is almost here, heck, maybe it is here by the time you are reading this.

CRUMBS performs the amazingly hilarious make'up improv comedy freestyle awesome show at the King's Head Pub upstairs. Ladies and Gentlemen, Stephen and Lee have been touring this show all over the world and people keep inviting them back for more. They have been touring and doing their shows with Dj Hunnicutt, who just happens to be an amazingly amazing Dj and he enhances the already awesome show to higher levels of awesome.

Wed, July 14th at 9:30 pm we kick things off.

Thu, July 15th at 10:15 pm
Fri, July 16th at 10:15 pm
Sat, July 17th at 10:15 pm
Sun, July 18th at 10:15 pm
Mon, July 19th at 10:15 pm
Tue, July 20th at 10:15 pm

Wed, July 21st No Show! Don't Go!

Thu, July 22nd at 10:15 pm
Fri, July 23rd at 10:15 pm
Sat, July 24th at 10:15 pm

Then it is all over! But folks don't just line up like everyone else... buy your tickets in advance. The last few years people have been pretty pissed that they have lined up hours early and still were denied entry. We sell out fast folks, fast. So go online and get your tickets now, yes NOW.

Get your advanced tickets here.

Here is some information about the Fringe in Winnipeg.

#1 It is the best one in North America. It isn't the biggest (that distinction belongs to Edmonton's Fringe) but it is the best one. It has people who are really interested in seeing the shows and there really is a buzz in the city while the festival is going on. Winnipeg has a nice fountain while Edmonton has a waterpark inside their mall... Edmonton is always out bigging us.

#2 It is where you can see shows shows shows and more shows. Anyone can apply and anyone can get pulled in the lottery. That means you can see a show from a pro group and an amateur group. You can see a dance show from China or a real live play from England. You can see a local company perform an original work or a theatre company from America perform Shakespeare... You can see almost anything at almost anytime for a whole 12 days.

#3 People are around and Winnipeg feels like an actual city with an actual downtown with actual cultural life. This alone is worth seeing.

#4 CRUMBS puts on a show every night just for you. Seriously, it's just for you.

Don't forget about the CRUMBS live radio show on every Monday at 5 pm CST on 101.5 umfm... you can even tune in over the internets.

Listen online here.

Download Podcasts here.

*double plus
Don't forget to continue to go see live comedy in Winnipeg.

Sunday nights at the Cavern in Osborne Village

Tuesday nights at the King's Head Pub

Thursday nights at the Standard