CRUMBS Fringe Reviews

*photo credit to Leif Norman

Oh Rainbows... You are so magically hilarious.

But back to the Fringe,

The Fringe has officially started. How do I know? Well, because Fringe reviews are already starting to come in... That and the shows have begun.

CRUMBS review #1 CBC

CRUMBS review #2 ratewinnipeg

Here are the shows to check out. All shows are at the King's Head Pub at 120 King Street. If you really want to see the show you should probably get there an hour early to actually make sure you get one, or buy a ticket from on the internet.

Wed, July 14th at 9:30 pm we kick things off.

Thu, July 15th at 10:15 pm
Fri, July 16th at 10:15 pm
Sat, July 17th at 10:15 pm
Sun, July 18th at 10:15 pm
Mon, July 19th at 10:15 pm
Tue, July 20th at 10:15 pm

Wed, July 21st No Show! Don't Go!

Thu, July 22nd at 10:15 pm

Fri, July 23rd at 10:15 pm
Sat, July 24th at 10:15 pm

You can phone for advanced tickets at 942-6537
You can internet your advanced Tickets HERE!