CRUMBS Winnipeg Fringe 2010 almost done!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Winnipeg Fringe of 2010 is almost over. At the time of this post writing there are only 3 more CRUMBS shows to see, but by the time you are reading this there might only be 2 or maybe just 1... Heck, the Fringe might be done by then.

Here is the Fringe 2010 in point form:

-The secret midnight cabaret at the King's Head was great and always is a "cluster-fuck" of a show.

-The badly designed CUBE of an outdoor stage at Old Market Square proved in practice that is was badly designed... way to go Winnipeg.

-CRUMBS got great reviews and shitty reviews. Our show is great and shitty? The CBC and Uptown Magazine seem to know what is going on but The Winnipeg Free Press is always so out of touch with what is actually good, they embarrass themselves really.

-Speaking of reviews, I don't know which review was more confusing, the Winnipeg Free Press review where Janice Sawka clearly didn't like the show (or show any sense that she knows what she is talking about) or the great review on the Uptown website that is just, I don't know, confusing. Read it and let me know what you think.

-Hanging at the King's Head every night instead of once a week.

-Hanging out with all my out of town friends that I get to see only once a year.

-Hanging out with my family downtown, I should really see them more (and yes, my dad is reading this blog and so this is for you dad. Let's hang out more)

-Catching car thieves in the act and being chased after calling 911 (but I was on my bike and all the PCP in the world wasn't going to help this guy catch me). I wonder if the cops showed up fast enough to catch them bastards?

-Killer audiences at the King's Head. Performing for our hometown crowds for packed houses reminds me that I am doing good.

-Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall coming to our show and loving it (or so I am told). Be on the look-out (ear-out?) for him guesting on one of our upcoming radio shows.