CRUMBS in the summer!

Oh summer, oh hot hot sun, oh sunburns, oh sunstroke, oh global warming, sweating, dying of heat...

But it isn't all bad is it? No, of course not, nothing is all bad. CRUMBS just goes into summer hibernation. We still do our radio show every Monday at 5pm on 101.5 UMFM.

We still end up showing up at the Cavern in the basement of the Toad in Osborne Village for the open mic stand-up shows that happen on Sundays.

There still is Tuesday night comedy shows at the King's Head.

There also is an open mic comedy night on Thursdays at the Standard Tavern on Sherbrook.

Jeez, it seems like there is still great summer comedy happening in Winnipeg.

Upcoming action?

Okay, how about Becky Johnson coming through town. Becky makes an appearance every year or so and delights the pants off Winnipeg. She will be rolling through town on the weekend of August 20th and we are hoping to showcase her on a stage at an actual improv show with CRUMBS that weekend. We are hoping to have her at the Rocker on the 3rd floor of Mondragon on Albert Street. Stay tuned for the scoop.

More upcoming action?

Okay, how about the official launch of the Free Laughs Comedy Series Season 5! Season 5 already folks, perhaps the longest running weekly underground comedy show in the history of Winnipeg. The shows are running all summer but we have an official launch at the beginning of September. We will have tons and heaps of special new things... mostly we will just continue the amazingly hilarious party time we throw every Tuesday night at the King's Head. Go there.