CRUMBS radio show

CRUMBS has been doing a radio show at the U of M since... since a whole lot of years. We have been filling the airwaves via this College and Community Radio station known as 101.5 UMFM with CRUMBS nonsense.

The show has evolved and evolved over the last... whole lot of years. We started out getting people to call in with suggestions and we would improvise little radio plays. Then it just turned into a live call in show. Then we really started to make fun of the news and current events. Now it has been fun to do all those things and also do live interviews with cool people.

This last week was an interview from Vancouver with our old friend Paul Anthony. He is the coolest and the craziest. Perhaps he is another "C" word I cannot recall at this moment as well.

Paul was/is a co-conspirator in our battle waged versus comedy. He was in the seminal Winnipeg sketch comedy troupe "Higher Than The Ground" along with Stephen (me) and Lee White (him). That lasted from 1992 to 1996 until finally self destructing. Paul moved to Vancouver to conquer the West Coast and Stephen formed CRUMBS with Lee.

Paul runs the highly successful show Talent Time in Vancouver which is not only a live talent show but also his very own TV show... I know, cool right? Paul also acts in real live movies including the upcoming smash hit "Suck" which is like "Lost Boys" meets "Hard Core Logo" because it is a Rock'n Roll Vampire movie... duh.

But what am I doing? Writing Paul's bio? Just download the podcast and listen to the show and the interview/conversation. Be on the "listen out" for further CRUMBS explorations of interviews and storytellings from around the world and enjoy them.

Download Podcast here

The CRUMBS radio show can and will be listened to live in non podcast form every Monday at 5pm CST on 101.5 UMFM or by listening online live at

Listen online here

Check out Talent Time here

Check out Suck the movie here

Thank you for downloading the podcast and listening to the CRUMBS radio show every Monday. Thank you for going out and seeing "Suck" and maybe even buying the DVD. Thank you for supporting Talent Time out in Vancouver. And thank you for reading this.