CRUMBS radio show August 16th 2010

Ladies and Gentleman,

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This week the show touched on:

It was reported on our show by one of our eye witness reports that our city's mayor Sam Katz was seen texting while driving his car... This of course is now against the law in Winnipeg and you would think that after the Mayor had banged down his by-law gavel and uttered the magic words that makes these things into law, he of all humans would know not to do it. We will be investigating this issue further.

Stephen ate raw oysters for the first time in his life. This isn't really news though, more of one of those human interest stories.

The famous Winnipeg festival Folklorama happened and broke attendance records again. The festival, which celebrates several cultures in this mash up of cultures we call Canada, is the longest running and oldest of its kind in Canada (perhaps North America... Maybe even the world?).

Frequent CRUMBS radio caller Andrew made a 5 second short film and will be featured at The Malta Film Festival.

As always we also plugged all the live comedy shows that happen in this city.

Sunday nights at the Cavern (the basement of the Toad in Osborne Village)
Show up at 9pm to sign up because this show is an open mic show. The comedy starts at 9:30 and the hilarity never stops (they do kick you out of the bar at midnight).
This show is FREE!

Tuesday nights at the King's Head Pub for the Free Laughs Comedy Series.
This show is also free and has been running for years. We enter into the 5th season in September. The show rotates between Improv and Stand-up comedy. Always great.

Thursday nights
at the Standard Tavern on Sherbrook.
This show is also an open mic stand-up night and is also free.

How do we make money? We get paid in laughter.