CRUMBS Radio August 23rd 2010

Another episode of the CRUMBS radio show has gone off without a hitch and if you missed it live you can always download the "podcastic" podcast. The CRUMBS radio show is a live radio show on 101.5 UMFM in Winnipeg and streaming live on the website.

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This weeks show we scraped the surface of several topics.

First of all, Stephen did NOT go on a fishing trip, while Lee DID go out and buy a number of fish. How many fish? Well that is a tricky question, because several of the fish were in fact eaten by one or more of the fish. More evidence will be gathered before there is an aquarium trial.

The epic traffic jam in China enters its 9th day and the games of "eye spy with my little eye" are starting to wear thin.

World Helium supplies are running out and the world will soon be completely out of the inert gas. What does this mean for balloons that float and high pitched voices?

The GOOD news and the BAD news.

The GOOD news is we found the Chilean miners trapped underground for 17 days. The BAD news is we can't actually rescue them for months. And we thought a 9 day traffic jam was bad.

This is not an actual picture of the Chilean miners, this is an old Black and White picture from "the olden days".


We heard from our "funny talking" man on the street reporter who talked about planned a planned rally the citizens of Winnipeg are undertaking that are fed up with the delays in construction affecting the new Bombers stadium. It turns out people will just show up and dig with their bare hands.

We also heard a live report from the traffic jam in China... and they sound pissed! The Red Cross will help Haiti and Pakistan but there is no love for commuters in China.


Like always, we did promote the ongoing Live Comedy nights happening in Winnipeg:

Sunday Nights
The Cavern (the basement of the Toad in Osborne Village)
Open Mic Stand-up

Tuesday Nights
The King's Head (120 King Street)
Free Laughs Comedy Series
Rotates between Stand-up, Improv, Alternative Comedy

Thursday Nights
The Standard Tavern
Open Mic Stand-up

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for listening, thank you for reading, now go out and do something.