Holy Sh*T folks!

CRUMBS is Soooooooooo damn excited for some upcoming shows. We simply must tell you all over again about them.

Our good friends The National Theatre of the World (known as NTOW) are traveling from the comforts of Toronto to the icy wonderland of Winnipeg to do some shows at the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre (knows as WJT). They will be performing Jan 25th - 29th. They do a show called Impromptu Splendor that has them improvising a show in a theatrical style, and they are great. They are so great that they have invited CRUMBS to perform with them on Thursday, Jan 26th, the show will be in the style of HAROLD PINTER and it will be great. So great in fact, that you should go see the show.

While our good friends NTOW are in Winnipeg, we decided to also put on a special midnight show of NTOW + CRUMBS for everyone to see. We are doing the show on Friday, Jan 27th at the ECC (which is at 75 Albert Street). The show will only be $5 (which is way way too cheap) but the show will be starting at MIDNIGHT SHARP (latecomers will be charged $10, which is still soooo cheap). Get there early folks, early!

CRUMBS continues to do our regular shows at the King's Head Pub as part of the ongoing and super awesome FREE LAUGHS comedy shows. The first show will Tuesday, Feb 7th at 9pm and Tuesday, Feb 21st at 9pm. These shows are always a good time and always free and always a double good time.

CRUMBS doesn't only do strange guest shows and free shows, oh no, we also do shows at REAL theatres for ACTUAL MONEY! We will be putting on our annual Berlin or Bust improv show at the Gas Station Arts Centre on Saturday, Feb 18th at 8pm. The tickets will be only $10 and advance tickets will be on sale at our regular CRUMBS shows (see above postings). This show is the fundraiser show we put on every year before we head off on our European Tour! Come on down and support us by laughing at us (we would love that).

CRUMBS continues to bring you live radio every single Monday at 5pm CST on 101.5 UMFM. We also broadcast and podcast on the Internet as well (because the future is NOW!). We have been doing this show at UMFM for almost a decade and we would love your ears tuned in.

CRUMBS then tours Europe for months. Look for our European Tour schedule on our official European Website and then stalk us all across the Old Country.

What? You want links to help you out?

The Winnipeg Jewish Theatre

Map to the King's Head Pub

Map to the ECC (where the midnight show is on Friday)

See y'all at the shows folks