When CRUMBS was in Graz.

Above is a group of us walking in the snowy Graz street. Below is Lee distorted in a picture.

Graz. Graz is the coolest little city you've never heard of. Unless of course you've ever read my blog or know a thing or two about Europe or Austria. I guess I shouldn't assume that you don't know, you're probably a very smart and well informed person, after all, you are reading this blog (*not sarcasm).
Graz is the home of a wonderful theatre company known as Theater Im Bahnhof (TiB) and they do improv as well as "actual", "real" and "legitimate" theatre. In fact, it goes beyond that, they do challenging and avant guard work.
Now CRUMBS tours around a lot, you know that, you read this blog. We've been to Graz a number of times. We usually show up, do a show and then leave, and it all happens too fast. So we decided to start initiating projects along our tour, so that we could stay in a city for a little longer and actually develop something. So this time in Graz, we were actually working together for a week brainstorming on a co-production between CRUMBS and TiB. The plan is to continue creating this new show and eventually (fingers crossed) present the show next year. Exciting right? (yes it is exciting)

-A picture of Lee and I when there used to be a Chi-Chi's in Graz
-A picture of the artificial island in Graz
-A picture of the stairs leading to the castle on the mountain
-A picture inside the cafe inside the island (illegal picture)

Thanks for reading the internet words posted here. More to come.