CRUMBS pledge-o-rama and other other stuff-o-rama

It's getting close to that time when the leaves change colour and fall off the trees. We cozy up and get ready for the winter. Here's some ways to stay warm.

CRUMBS has been making radio live on Mondays for almost a decade. We've won numerous made-up awards for report the news that most media companies are afraid to touch and we've broadcasted into your homes. We are now reaching out during the UMFM Pledge-o-rama which is a pledge drive for our listeners to put their money where their ears are and support the amazing radio that 101.5 UMFM has been delivering for years.

Tune in on Monday at 5-6PM for live radio news of the fake. This week we have wonderful guests from the Week Thus Far crew (Ryan Ash, Chad Anderson and Tim Gray). The Week Thus Far tapes live on Mondays at the King's Head Pub and you can be one of those "live studio audiences" that everyone is talking about.

What else is up the CRUMBS sleeves?

CRUMBS splits in two! While Lee White is busy spreading the improv love across Europe, Stephen Sim holds the fort down here in the Prairies.

Tue, Oct 21st 9PM

CRUMB & Friends performs at the King's Head on Tuesday with the musical wizardry of Dj Hunnicutt. We will have the talent and wonder of Jane Testar and Robyn Slade joining the stage for some "not-to-be-missed" improv spectacular.

Jane and Robyn are both in Outside Joke and have been killing the improv scene with their improv musical style show for years (years before a lot of these other improv musical shows have been doing it btw).

Tue, Nov 4th 9PM

TiL stands for Today I Learned... which will be a special Comedy Knights showcase show of "jokes worth spreading". This TED inspired parody/satire/actual lecture of information. The comedy community in Winnipeg is not only hilarious, we are also a deep well of valuable information and we all do have "jokes worth spreading". Show up for hilarity and education and more hilarity and then some more knowledge.

Click this LINK to find out how cool TED is, now imagine how cool this show will be. 
Tune in and keep tuning in for more radio and live show updates!