Summer is coming!

 Summer is coming and that can mean only one thing... or several things... but mostly that the weather is going to start actually acting like summer.

It also means that Winnipeg forgets about hockey after a great a run. Winnipeg turns its sights on the arts and the culture (when we aren't escaping to the cabin and camping in the woods).

What's that? You are interested in some upcoming live shows? Okay, I'll tell you about some of them.

CRUMBS is going to be doing a strange and cool and strange experimental Skype show in Berlin. Lee will be live in Berlin and Stephen will be "live" via skype in Berlin while comfortably sitting in Winnipeg. The show will be at the Ratibortheater in Kruezberg on May 7th. It will be great, so get to Berlin.

Comedy Knights continues to offer you the FREE and GREAT comedy and improv shows at the King's Head Pub. Every single Tuesday at 9pm there is a show to enjoy.

Tue, May 5th is the next one!


More shows?!?

How about Outside Joke with Hot Thespian Action at the Gas Station Arts Centre on May 2nd at 8pm?


How about H.U.N.K.S. sketch comedy with Outside Joke at the Park Theatre on May 20th at 8pm?

How about H.U.N.K.S. sketch comedy with The Big Stupid Improv Show at the Park Theatre on June 24th at 8pm?


What else does summer mean? The Winnipeg Fringe Festival!

CRUMBS returns to the King's Head and The Big Stupid Improv Show returns to MTYP. Look for all the rest of your favourite Fringe super stars... but I'm sure I'll post more about the Fringe as we get closer because there's even more Fringe shows that I can't wait to tell you about.

Winnipeg Fringe Festival LINK