mini-golf in Deutschland

Mini-golf in Deutschalnd is a strange thing...

We ended up playing a nice little round of mini-golf while in Göttingen. Now I must tell you there are some differences between German mini-golf and the mini-golf in North of America. It could have been that this specific mini-golf place was strange and that it doesn't necessarily reflect upon all of Germany.

1- There was no artificial turf, it was constructed out of cement and metal.

2- It was against the rules to actually stand on the course to play (this is a rule we broke throughout the game).

3- There was no windmill (is this even mini-golf without a windmill???)

To make things interesting (like they weren't interesting enough) we decided to put up some Euro. Whenever someone wanted to bet, they would simply put up 5 Euros that they would get the best score on a hole. Jacob bet the most times and anded up winning most times but as far the biggest pot, that went to Craig (who only bet 3 times). Craig has now refused to bet on anything, claiming that he is quiting while he is ahead. It is just to bad that we didn't bet on the whole game because after 18 holes had come and gone and all the dust had settled it was your humble blogger who walked away with the best score.

Upon returning to Winnipeg i think i might put together an invitational mini-golf tournament (who's in?)