next stop...

So our next stop was in Weisbaden.
After a little confusion we settled our affairs and left the Coach in Göttingen (we stayed a couple extra days on the Coach's floor. He told us that visitors are like fish, they start to smell after 3 days, so thank god we got out before we started to smell. Thanks again Coach)

We end up staying in Mainz (home of Guttenberg, father of the printed word). Mainz is a part of the whole Weisbaden-Frankfurt-Mainz complex of cities. We have several days of workshop, we have a couple of days of shows and a couple of days of party. Overall we had a good time and i think that the inhabitants of the Mainz-Frankfurt-Weisbaden complex had a good time too.

There is a lot of good graphiti in Wiesbaden (and i have the picture to prove it).

We played a lot of video games (even me, though i am not a gamer by nature), i even kicked sebastions ass at Tekkan (Sebastion was our gracious host).

We hung out with actual people from France (a roomate of Sebastion's was French) and every year Lee gets a better impression of French people, and that makes me smile. It also gave me some practice with my French which is under so much rust it hurts me to use it (but it feels good later, kind of like exercise).