CRUMBS makes their annual pilgrimage to Edmonton for the largest improv festival in all of Canada. This festival is two weeks long and full of talent (though CRUMBS only shows up for the last 6 days). We look forward to hangin' with the Edmonton noodlers (noodlers is an Edmonton term, closest translation is "slacker").

Talent expected:
-Of course Rapid Fire Theatre from Edmonton
-Instant Theatre from Vancouver
-Unexpected Productions from Seattle
-Dad's Garage from Atlanta
-Theatre in Narobov from Ljubljana
-Quicksilver from Belgium
-Iron Cobra from Toronto
-The Gentleman of Improv (or something like that) from Toronto
-Die Gorillas from Berlin
-maybe even more???

Really looking forward to getting knee deep in improv festival fun. After touring for 2 months, I miss the intensity of show action. I need to be surrounded by improv for 6 days. I need to be in a foreign city... well I guess Edmonton isn't really that foreign, unless you count Whyte Ave at about 2am.

I suppose i will keep tabs on the festival and update the internet about the highlights and lowlights.