So I get back home safe, and then get sick?
It was like my body was in defence/emergency mode while I was on the road. The tour was keeping me healthy because i could not afford to get sick. Which meant, as soon as I got home, BAM!, sick happened.

Now I won't go into to much detail (although, i know that i could) let me just say that i ended up in the hospital giving samples of things that should not be sampled. Tests come back with a resounding "you gotta nasty little bugger in your gut".

It seems that in Switzerland they make some of their cheeses with unpasteurized milk (the so called old fashioned way). This leads to poor weak stomached travellers like me getting nasty little things living in my gut.

After about a week of staying at home, weak and by the bathroom, I recover.

I venture outside and eventually I am assimilated into Winnipeg culture once again.