Waking up in O'Hare

Ahhh, waking up in an airport is something everyone should try once before dying. The sound of screaming school children waiting to go on that school trip, the hustle and bustle of airport life flooding your ears before you really know what is going on. Mmmm.

So Lee and I get up and instantly the race is on. Lee has done some research/complaining and has found out we could have been in a hotel room last night. We didn't get the full chunk of information from the United workers (angrrrr). We find out that there is an earlier flight to Denver then to Winnipeg that will get us home a full tow hours before our flight from Chicago would even leave (and its a Toronto/Winnipeg flight that gets us home at 10pm).

We run, we run, we run. We run to baggage desks, we run to the east terminal, we run to the west terminal. We run all over the place. We run past security, we run to our gate and we do in fact get on the plane. We arrive in Denver and are amazed at how much nicer it is then Chicago. After marvelling over Denver we board for Winnipeg and arrive home without luggage in the sun filled prairie.

It takes a couple of days for our luggage to catch up with us but we are home safe and happy.

next... travel sickness