The Fringe is over...

Well, at least in Winnipeg its over.

Saskatoon Fringe starts
then Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver and blah blah blah

but, the fringe is over for me, CRUMBS and the Big Stupid Improv Show. Boy, was it nice. Of course, I didn't see all the shows i needed to see and didn't do all the things i needed to do. But after the dust settled, the beer tent came down and Ron Moore uttered his last hosting breath on the outdoor stage, it was all good and worth it.


Shows done = 16

Shows seen = 13 (14 if you count the secret cabaret show)

This means of course that i was a couple of shows shy of my formula and i am going to have to go back to the drawing board with it.

number of improvisers who did the Big Stupid improv show = 32 (over 7 shows)

number of people who saw a CRUMBS show = 773

number of people who actually paid = 666 (no joke)

number of people who saw a Big Stupid = 588

number people who have seen CRUMBS at a Winnipeg Fringe show since 2002 = 3079

------so there you have it---stats---------------->