Mondays at the Toad

I feel as though i should update my official position on the improv nights at the Toad. I mentioned before on another entry that the improv night was improv kareoke, and i do. It is more like comedy theatre kareoke though. I feel as though i must mention that i think it is awesome. Anything that enhances the accessability of an artform is a great thing. The stand up there on a stage and open up the show to anyone who wants to try it is such a good thing (and i mean to watch, do or hear about).

And now i must mention that the Monday night at the Toad tonight will serve as a going away party for Michal Grajewski (GrewG, Juice, Grewj). He has been a mainstay at the Toad back in the IMprov Supper Club days when it was held at the Toad on Main, then when it was the Improviser's Studio at Olive Me. He has been a huge part of the Manitoba Improv League and a fabulous performer. He is running away to Toronto where he will find much success and he will then bring success to all those Winnipeggers who love him.

We will miss you GrewG!