The IF... Improv Festival has ended!

Well it came and went and was wonderful (as in filled with wonder).

The Friday mainstage show at the Gas Station Theatre went very well. It was a competitive improv show in the style of theatresports or a grdge match. It was the perfect example of how to do it well and the Winnipeg audiences got a treat. Team Atlanta walked away with the very first title. Team Winnipeg and Team Edmonton did bring their game, and wowed the audience with wonder.

The Friday late show (which were the experimental shows) was at the Pulford Street Improv Palace. The show was the "Improv vs Writing" and it was a very interesting show. We had the poet group Poor Tree writing their typewriter poems while the fabulous improv actors did improv scenes. Very fun.

The Saturday mainstage show featured two very special Winnipeg guests. Terry MacLoed (CBC radio) and Big Dave McLean (Blues Legend). The guests would tell true stories and the cast of improvisers would make up neat-o scenes inspired by the stories.

The Saturday late show was a brand new show invented for the festival. It involved the dark and flashlights. It was a dream like flash of characters and scenes. A trip.

And now the festival is over, the dust has settled, the paperwork is done and now i get to sleep.................