Next shows

Always to the next show, the next poster i can keep in my car and put up. Always to the nexg project, to distract me and keep me going. Always to the next thing, to put food on the table. I have numbered them, so i can keep track of them. I always number things and make lists.


1 - CRUMBS to perform weekly at The Pulfrod Street Improv Palace at 109 Pulford Str. will be starting up on the weekend of Nov. 18 &19. The Saturday night shows at 10pm will feature CRUMBS. The show will sometimes feature some musical guests. The Saturday night shows at 8pm will feature all the newest Manitoba Improv League (alumni and otherwise) troupes. The Friday night midnight show will feature Outside Joke, The Jist, George and Young Lungs. A lot of shows under one roof.

2 - The Laugh Riot 4 is playing at Mondragon on Thursday, November 24th at 8pm. This is an extremely well received FREE comedy show event of the best stand-up and cutting edge comedy money can't buy.

3 - The Toad Pub in Osborne Village will be having me host the 11pm time slot. This evening of improv has been around for years now. Every Monday night people know they can give improv a real try with a real professional. With sets happening at 8,9,10pm. The 11pm set could have anything and anyone. Sometimes it will be audience volunteers, sometimes it will be featured pro players. Always, it will be a good time.

Till the next thing...