donkey bridge update

At this point in the land of Blog I should address some issues. After receiving overwhelming response about the Leipzig/donkey bridge post I feel like I should have some sort of reply.

1) First of all, a Donkey Bridge is when you use a trick or a rhyme to remember something.

2) I suppose i did mess up the donkey bridge, now i must remember to walk backwards across the donkey bridge and say that the "ei" makes the I sound and the "ie" makes the E sound. There settled.

3) The origin of "donkey bridge". Supposedly donkeys hate crossing water and will stubbornly refuse, as they are so famous for being stubborn (in fact, I do believe that they are the most stubborn of the animals). People in ancient times would have to make a number of bridges just for donkeys, even if it was a small creek. They would reroute their paths just to cross these "donkey bridges" even if it meant they were going out of their way or having to travel further, because it was simply worth it to not have to deal with these stubborn beasts

Thank goodness we have trucks now that are not afraid of water.