CRUMBS wedding crashing

Oh double wait, did I mention that we crashed a wedding in Luzern?

What happens at a wedding that you crash in Switzerland? Good question readers, good question. Of course there is unlimited wine and food, of course there are old people and young people hanging out together when they shouldn't. But here are a couple of things that set this apart from the weddings we are used to.

#1 The wedding game where the bride and groom sit back to back and answer questions like "who is the best at... (insert thing)". They can't see you the other answers. Hillarium ensues.

#2 The wedding game where people stand on chairs holding tin cans that have balloons stuffed in them and a fuse. The bride and the groom take turns lighting the fuses and the "balloon bombs" explode reveling the "prize" which usually involved a poem and feathers... you know, that game.

#3 The wedding would not have been complete without an amusing skit filled with inside jokes and one very huge wig.

#4 Actual pics to prove it...

But wait, there's more folks. Here is an actual transcript from an actual conversation we had with an actual person at the actual wedding.

Karin – I work in an office, we sell "Booker" watches
CRUMBS – Do you make the watches?
K – No, we just sell them, we are like a distrubutor
C- Oh yeah, how much do they cost?
K – Well, it depends...
C – Okay, how much are the cheapest and how much are the most expensive?
K – The cheapest would be 5000 Swiss Franks... and the most expensive, hmm, 2 million?
C – You could have just told us the cheap price, that is expensive enough. Hey, maybe we can get payed in Booker watches next year?

Oh Switzerland... will you're watches ever be affordable?