CRUMBS in Luzern

I am now in Mallorca, Spain while Lee spends a couple days in Berlin before heading off to Edmonton's Improvaganza... but here in the land of Blog, time doesn't work the same way as out in the real world, so here is the post about Luzern, Switzerland.

Now CRUMBS isn't done with Switzerland yet. This neutral country and it's watches, cheeses and secret bomb shelters still have to deal with some more CRUMBS antics. After we were done having our way with Basel it was now Luzern we had our sights on.

CRUMBS had not been to Luzern in 6 years... Which means we have been touring Europe longer than we realized. Luzern is a tourist town, and we can see why. It is gorgeous. They have a beautiful mountain view, they have their wooden foot bridge, they have their lake, they have a lion carved into a cliff, they have a hotel in a converted jail, they have thousands of Japanese tourists... well, I guess that last one came after and isn't one of the attractions.

In Luzern we did one “Classic” CRUMBS show and one mixed show. The first show was again really nice and with nice stories. We had musical accompaniment by Tim who we knew from Berlin. The second show we played with Improphil (who were our amazing hosts) and we had “Good Job” Jimmy playing a grand piano for that show. In the second show we again played “Director's Cut” which just seems to work so well for these jam type shows.

CRUMBS show:

suggestions were: atheism, strawberry, kitchen, on a boat

We told the stories of a couple who (of course) had problems (will i write the words of course more times than any other words?). The husband was annoyed that the wife would always need to talk and fish for compliments, while he just wanted to be able to walk through the kitchen without saying anything.

We also told the story of a ship in the ocean. It was similar to the situation at the show we did in Baden (the ship was also a Love Boat type cruise) and we did have audience members who had traveled up from Baden to see the show. So we really needed to find a new way to tell this story. Maybe we shouldn't have made the ship be a Love Boat type thing, but perhaps our only experience with cruise ships is from watching the Love Boat so...

There was a scientist obsessed with making the perfect strawberry, eventually being turned into a monster that needed to be shot down from the tallest building in town, kinda like King Kong meets the Hulk meets Dr Jeckle & Mr Hyde all genetically modified into a crazy story.

The Captain of the ship (who this time was competent and not the fool like in Baden... Ha!) made it his personal mission to find love for the second mate (who was visibly an awkward loser). He eventually found love with an equally awkward loser lady who was a guest with her controlling mother.

The Husband and Wife eventually found a balance by having the husband do the cooking and the wife could relax in the living room watching TV.

The second show: Director's Cut

1)A young boy lost in the woods caught by an evil warlock. A magic potion that needs the flesh of young boys to keep the warlock young forever. The mother and father eventually come in to rescue the boy and it turns out the warlock is the father's brother... Ooo twist!

2)A classic retelling of William Tell.

3)A soap opera titled “ Behind the Beard”. Centered around Heidi and the mother who was in a coma with three unborn babies in her belly and the doctor and nurse who were working on them and the husband with amnesia... yes, classic soap opera stuff.

4)The University life is your time to come out of your shell, yet the bullies are still there. Andy is a loser, Alex is a bully and Rebbecca is the sexy lady who needs a date a tutor. The battle for affection ends in a climactic fist fight... who wins?

5)A crime story involving McDonald's, poison, a Veterinarian and a Pharmacist... make sense?

We relax and hang out well in Switzerland, we like Switzerland. While we know they are secretly plotting to take over the world, we know the right people there now and i am pretty sure we will be safe.

Oh wait, did I mention we did our show in a Casino? Cool huh?