CRUMBS knee deep in summer

Oh summer
, you wine us and you dine us (figuratively), and then you slip out the door. And while you slip out the door you leave the door open long enough for fall to thrust itself unto us. Oh fall, you are the beginning of the season of comedy theatre.
The fall this year (2011) brings for CRUMBS:

1) The Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival 2011. The Gas Station Arts Centre again brings you and everyone the festival of making things up. This year will mark the 12th year... a dozen years of making things up! September 20th - 24th is when improv comes to town.

2) The CRUMBS tours Europe in the Fall! What? We thought that CRUMBS only toured Europe in the spring? There just aren't enough hours in the day, days in the week and months in the year to bring everyone the CRUMBS love.

3) The Free Laughs Comedy Series at the King's Head...
FREE LAUGHS The 6th season of Free Laughs Comedy Series at the King's Head on Tuesday nights. The free comedy shows continue for year six, rotating through several hot hot comedy shows right here in Winnipeg. Let's look at some of the shows one can expect to be blown away by this fall.

CRUMBS with Dj Hunnicutt -The world class improv duo (CRUMBS duh?) does the improv thing with Dj Hunnicutt and people (you) come down and party with us.

Comedy Loser -The hit comedy show that has performers play characters, monologues, puppetry, video and everything else that screams solo comedy (except stand-up).

CRUMBS & Friends -This show has CRUMBS inviting improv players onto the stage to play with us. Sometimes these guests are famous, sometimes they are old friends, all the time they are awesome.

Shitz n Gigglez This is the high quality elite super elite stand-up comedy show hosted by John B Duff. This show rules the funny.

Show and Tell Just like when we were all in grade school except way way funnier. Comedy folk bring in an object to "show" and then they "tell". Hilarious.

Kings of the King's Head This is the game show of comedy that pits Improviser against his sworn enemy, no not scripts, I'm talking about Stand-up Comedians. The show blew everyone away in 2010, the next show is August 30th, 2011. Hosted by Lee White.

Outside Joke Local heroes Outside Joke take over for CRUMBS while they tour the world. Improv in Winnipeg is safe in their hands. The party continues.