CRUMBS loves the Winnipeg Improv Festival

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Winnipeg iF... Improv Festival 2011 is just about here. That time of year when CRUMBS teams up with the local heroes of Winnipeg improv and we invite fabulous improv players from all over to come to our home town and show them our prairie hospitality.

This year we have guests coming from:

Atlanta, Georgia
Victoria, BC
Edmonton, AB
Toronto, ON

The Festival kicks off at the King's Head Pub on Sept 2oth for the annual Free Sampler Platter.

The rest of the fest then takes place at the Gas Station Theatre (at the corner of River & Osborne) Sept 22nd + 23rd +24th with amazing shows!

Be sure to watch a special Improv Festival episode of "The Week Thus Far" as CRUMBS is featured. You can watch this local show on ShawTV.

Now enjoy some videos of CRUMBS while they were at the Berlin International Impro Festival this spring.

Lee White and his creepy improvised monologue about numbers:

Crumbs 22.03.11 First Monologue from on Vimeo.

Stephen Sim and his improvised monologue about the power of being a cop:

Crumbs Police Monologue from on Vimeo.