CRUMBS almost on Tour again

CRUMBS seems to always be touring, or coming back from tour, or getting ready to go on tour. It is the blessing and the curse of being a live comedy act. Maybe someday we will break into movies or television and tour less but until then, you will just have to see us live to get that "fix".

So where can we be seen live?

CRUMBS presents: Berlin or Bust 13
Sat, Feb 18th at 8pm
Gas Station Theatre
Call 284-9477 for tickets because this show is our big ol' fundraiser and t'will be packed packed packed. You don't want to miss this show, in fact, you are forbidden to miss this show.

CRUMBS & Friends
Tue, Feb 21st at 9pm
King's Head Pub
Our last show at the King's Head until we come back in the summer. If you cannot make our big show at the Gas Station on Saturday, you are allowed to come to this show at the King's Head, just be warned we will ask you for money (you cheap bastards!)

CRUMBS Euro Touro
March to June
All over Europe
Check out our European website which will soon be posting our tour schedule so that you can book you tickets (yes I do mean plane tickets as well as theatre tickets).

CRUMBS at the Winnipeg Fringe
Every night of the Winnipeg Fringe in mid July 2012
King's Head Pub
You can celebrate Winnipeg summer in the best way, which is Fringe + Sun + CRUMBS.

But wait, CRUMBS has been doing some television. Lee and Stephen both appeared in this episode of The Week Thus Far, which is a local Winnipeg TV comedy show that airs on Shaw TV.

Week Thus Far - Valentines Day Special from Week Thus Far on Vimeo.

And wait, Stephen Sim of CRUMBS has been seen on the silver screen in the Winnipeg shot Goon which has a general release on Feb 24th! While all three of Stephen's lines ended up on the cutting room floor, his face is shown throughout this violent hockey movie. So if you like movies about hockey fights and Stephen's face, you will love this movie.

And double wait, if CRUMBS are on tour touring what will be happening with their weekly radio show that they do on Mondays at 5pm on 101.5 UMFM? Well, we have FRAZ filling in for us so your ears are in good hands... did I phrase that correctly?