CRUMBS Euro Touro Spring 2012!

Ladies & Gentlemen! It is that time of year again. The time of year when CRUMBS hits the road/sky and tours our little hearts out.

As you read this we may be:
-flying in a plane
-waiting in line at an airport
-actually touring

The tour as it stands now:

March 9th   Leipzig        naTo
March 15th Wiesbaden Wartburg
March 17th Bochum      Kulturhaus Thealozzi
March 18th Bochum      Kulturhaus Thealozzi
March 19th Bochum      Kulturhaus Thealozzi

March 23rd-April 1st Berlin IMPRO 2012:
March 25th Berlin           Ratibortheater
March 26th Berlin          Heimathafen Neukölln

April 6th      Istanbul       Beyoglu Terminal
April 7th      Istanbul       Beyoglu Terminal
April 11th    London        The Miller Pub
April 13th    Vienna         English Lovers
April 20th    Stuttgart      Kulturtreff Untertürkheim
April 23rd    Munich        theater... und so fort
April 24th    Munich        theater... und so fort
April 26th    Würzburg     Cairo
April 28th    Würzburg     Cairo's birthday: special
May 2nd     Marburg       KFZ
May 4th      Oslo             Det andre teatret
May 6th      Konstanz     K9 Kulturzentrum
May 7th      Konstanz     K9 Kulturzentrum
May 9th      Zurich         Töpferei
May 11th    Luzern         Casineum
May 24th    Zagreb        Studio Smijeha (Stand up)
May 25th    Zagreb        Studio Smijeha
May 27th    Ljubljana      SiTi Teater BTC
May 31st    Berlin            Ratibortheater


I will fill this site with more information as the tour progresses, for now, I will be packing!