CRUMBS does live performances

1. CRUMBS was lucky enough to be invited to kick off the first show of the "Outside Joke Season of Yuks!" CRUMBS turned 15 years old and Outside Joke turned 10 years old. That's 25 years of making things up! That's also one more year that we've survived as independent artists and one year closer to our deaths. Thanks for the show Outside Joke, GSAC and Winnipeg!


2. CRUMBS performs live at the King's Head Pub on some of the Tuesday Free Laughs Comedy Shows. The shows start at 9 p.m. and they are FREE! Look for CRUMBS on:

Dec 18th, Jan 15th, Feb 5th, Feb 19th

3. CRUMBS will be performing live with Canada's "other" favourite improv company The National Theatre of the World! Yes, it is true and it is going to be legendarily amazingly awesomey. It will be a late night show of delights and surprises and live show.

Friday, Jan 25th at MIDNIGHT
Gas Station Theatre (455 River Ave)
Call for reservations 204-284-9477


4. CRUMBS and the annual (sometimes twice annual) Berlin or Bust FUNdraiser show. Yes it's true, CRUMB will again be embarking on a European Tour, spreading our Prairie style improvised theatre all over. This show will be your chance to make sure you get your last true taste of CRUMBS live performance before we go. You'll also be helping us raise cash so we can pay off the crooked border guards all across Europe.

Saturday, Feb 16th at 8 p.m.
Gas Station Theatre (455 River Ave)
Call for reservations 204-284-9477


Where is the Gas Station Theatre? Click here for a MAP!


Well, here's a picture of CRUMBS with Outside Joke and then a picture of The National Theatre of the World, just for a little something extra.


Now just go to all these live performances!