One last CRUMBS show before the Euro Touro!

 Yes, CRUMBS had a very nice Berlin or Bust show at the Gas Station Theatre. It was our 15th one and we're about to embark on our 15th tour of Europe. Thank you to everyone who showed up to the show and enjoyed the "Monkey-Zoo-Philosophy-Swim-Diving-Olympics-Stripclub-Romantic-Restaurant" show.

But... before we go we do have one last CRUMBS show to do. We weren't really telling you about it because, well, because we wanted you to come to the actual fundraiser show and not this extra FREE show, but now we can tell you.

CRUMBS has a FREE show!

Tue, Feb 19th at 9pm at the King's Head!

This will also be your chance (your last chance before we leave) to make a sweet donation to our tour fund. We have this cool thing where you buy a CRUMBS postcard and fill in your address, and then we write you a postcard message while we're on tour and send it to you from Europe! Cool huh?

When CRUMBS actually gets to Europe and starts touring Europe this spring... soon... we'd love to see you there at the shows. C'mon down and stalk us. We'll even make it easy for you, we'll give you a list of where we're going to be.

March 7th Basel Theater Arlecchino

March 8th Schaffhausen Kammgarn
March 10th Baden Merkker Kulturlokal
March 11th Winterthur Casinotheater
March 15th-24th Berlin IMPRO 2013 Festival 
March 16th Berlin Ballhaus Mitte
March 25th Graz Orpheum
April 11th München Das Schloss
April 14th Mannheim TiG7
April 18th Osnabrück Haus der Jugend 
April 20th Wiesbaden Wartburg
April 22nd Karlsruhe Z10
April 28th Hamburg Polittbüro
May 1st Leipzig nato
May 3rd Oslo Det Andre Teatret
May 4th Oslo Det Andre Teatret
May 15th Würzburg Jugendkulturhaus Cairo
May 17th Istanbul Kadikoy Terminal
May 18th Istanbul Kadikoy Terminal
May 22nd London The Miller, London Bridge 
May 25th London The Nursery, Southwark
May 29th Berlin Ratibor
May 30th Berlin Ratibor

Plus we'll even give you the LINK to our European tour website. We're just the most accommodating stalkees in the world.

Wait, We also want to tell you about a cool show you NEED to see (and a show you WANT to see).

FRAZ:Lonely at Last (The monster Fringe hit last summer!)


I Hate Bill Pats (also a Fringe hit last summer!)

So yes, you get to have TWO summer blockbuster shows in the winter on ONE night in ONE place for ONE price.

Thursday, Feb 21st 8pm

Park Theatre

Thanks folks!