CRUMBS Euro Touro Spring 2013

 Hello internet,

CRUMBS is just about to depart on their 15th tour of Europe. Perhaps by the time you read this they are already knee deep into the tour. Perhaps you are really slow getting to these words and the tour is already over. Maybe you are really really slow reading this and all the members of CRUMBS and anyone who ever saw them live are long long dead. Who knows. How am I supposed to know when you read this. I can't even be sure you're reading this AT ALL.

But for those of you that are actually reading this, and honestly, that is who I should be writing this for anyway, here is some useful information about the CRUMBS tour in the Spring of 2013.

First of all, we at CRUMBS would love to have you come to every single show. Secondly, we'd love you to share the show with every single person you know. To make this easier we have included the dates and the locations of our shows during our tour. Now you don't really have an excuse to NOT be at the ALL the shows!

March 7th Basel Theater Arlecchino
March 8th Schaffhausen Kammgarn
March 10th Baden Merkker Kulturlokal
March 11th Winterthur Casinotheater
March 15th-24th Berlin IMPRO 2013 Festival
March 16th Berlin Ballhaus Mitte
March 25th Graz Orpheum
April 11th München Das Schloss
April 14th Mannheim TiG7
April 18th Osnabrück Haus der Jugend
April 20th Wiesbaden Wartburg
April 22nd Karlsruhe Z10
April 28th Hamburg Polittbüro
May 1st Leipzig nato
May 3rd Oslo Det Andre Teatret
May 4th Oslo Det Andre Teatret
May 15th Würzburg Jugendkulturhaus Cairo
May 17th Istanbul Kadikoy Terminal
May 18th Istanbul Kadikoy Terminal
May 22nd London The Miller, London Bridge
May 25th London The Nursery, Southwark
May 29th Berlin Ratibor
May 30th Berlin Ratibor



A Map of Europe LINK

The Berlin IMPROV Festival WEBSITE

We had a CRUMBS photoshop contest. Here are the winners. First place goes to BEN.
Second place goes to Katie.

Oh look, a weird picture of Princess Diana on a wooden log at the dinner theatre in Winnipeg.

Oh look, a picture of me dressed as a Priest for a film shoot.

What's this? Dj Hunnicutt can not only mix amazing music, he can also mix amazing cocktails.

Okay, now aren't you glad that you read this? Of course you are, now start planning to go see all our shows in Europe!