CRUMBS in Wurzburg

CRUMBS Euro Touro 2010

So the tour has begun and we are knee deep in Europe and knocked out the Jet Lag in the first round... good job sleep good night Jet Lag!

Wurzburg was the first stop on the tour and success was found. We did a show at the Neueplatz theatre, we usually do a show with Die Kaktussen at the Cairo. So this was the First "classic" CRUMBS show in Wurzburg for awhile.

We explored the fear that people have of Dentists and the wonderful world of hot air ballooning. We understood a little more about why some crazy criminals kill and how they can change if given the chance. As well we found out some of the secrets to the life of a Butler (like for instance, did you know that when they die, they feel their end time coming and they sometimes just turn into a puff of smoke?). All in all, we learned a lot and we make some people laugh and feel good about this little glimmer of a life we have.

We will be coming back to Wurzburg at the end of April to play at the Cairo. I hope that the weather is again nice enough for us to play at the open air stage, this always rules the most. I also hope it will be a little warmer so we can again play some mini-golf.

Time for train rides to the Alps

Next stop: Switzerland