CRUMBS in Winterthur

CRUMBS returned to Switzerland on our tour. We went to Winterthur, which is a lovely little place close to Zurich.We played at an amazing theatre called the Casinotheater. We've played there before, but it had been awhile. It's a gorgeous building that has a gorgeous theatre, amazing backstage area, a gourmet restaurant attached and apartments on the top floor. So yes, we could get used to playing there.
The show we played was a theatresports show, something we almost never do anymore. When we first started to tour Europe, we would do a lot of "matches" in the theatresports style of competitive improv. But as we toured more and more with our longform improv show, and taught longform improv workshops. People wanted to do longform shows with us instead of shortform shows. I won't go into the long and short of the difference between these two styles (pun intended). I'll just say that it is rare that we do any theatresports shows, but it's still fun to play an improv show in this style.

Oh yeah, the show also happens to be the 100th theatresports show at the Casinotheater, so it was a special celebration as well as a fun show. Yes, there was champaign. Yes, we did then eat delicious food at the gourmet restaurant . Yes, we did continue our party upstairs in the apartments. Yes, we could really get used to the Casinotheater.


Had some fun in Winterthur, as you can see.We went to the Photography museum.

Got into a fight with the Kung Fu Panda.

Saw some balloons.

Saw the world famous candy shop.

So exciting. And then we said goodbye to Switzerland (and the expensive expensive life of the Swiss) and continued on our tour. Next stop.... Bremen, Germany!