CRUMBS in K-town!

 Konstanz is a town in Southern Germany. We like to call it K-town or Konstanztinople, not because we don't like the original name, just because it's fun. We did our CRUMBS show at the K9 and then we left town. It was a real “In Out Operation” as they say in the biz.

We got “Astronomer” and “Nail Studio” as our inspirations. One storyline followed Maureen and Roxy, two nail studio workers.
 Maureen is feeling lonely and unattractive ever since her boyfriend Denis left her. Roxy (and a crazy slutty client) convince her to go to the best club in town (The Unicorn Club). She secretly has a huge crush on Pierre (her smock designer, who seems to be gay). She decides to take part in the local legend at the Unicorn Club. You see, if you grab the unicorn horn on the statue in the middle of the dance floor and close your eyes and make a wish, when you open your eyes the first person you see is your true love.
 Maureen opens her eyes on Denis (the audience was upset over this). Eventually she musters up the courage to ask Pierre out, and it turns out he isn't gay after all. Though looking back with improv regret... he should have been gay and tragedy should have befallen Maureen.

The other storyline involved an astronomy professor and his idiot assistant. The professor was looking for a supernova so he could become famous.
 The idiot assistant was just the only person from his family to ever go to university, and the only person who would actually apply for the job as assistant (because the professor is hated). Jeremy (the idiot) goes home to his family and we see that his dad has black lung and refuses to see his son ever work in a coal mine (hence the university).
 But when all hope is lost, the parallels between coal mining and searching the cosmos for dying stars is revealed. They both involve traveling back in time, whether spying on the old light of dying stars, or digging into the old layers of the Earth's crust.
 Jeremy discovers the super nova, discovers that there is coal on it and gets to fly on a rocket ship to the new super nova. Science.