CRUMBS in Freiburg

CRUMBS in Freiburg

The thing with Freiburg is the literal translation is “Free Castle” but if you ask to see the castle you walk up a hill that is practically a mountain and when you get there ther is no castle and when you ask where the castle is people will tell you that the castle was destroyed and taken apart many years ago by the people who made it... other than that Freiburg is very nice.

In Freiburg they have little canals that run throughout the old city. When I say little canals, I mean little little, as in gutters with running water, but I don't say gutters because gutters implies dirty and these are beautiful... beautiful little canals. It is left over from way back when, they used these canals as a way to have running water, water for animals to drink, to combat fire and to just have water running through the city all the time. Legend has it that if you accidentally step in the canal you will marry a local. As pretty as the town was, I did not get my feet wet.

The show you ask? We did the show with our good friends Theatre LUX. After some technical problems (one of the headset mics didn't think it was a mic at all) the show went underway.

Selling life insurance through the powers of seduction, a little boy who refused to go to church and ended up thinking he was Spiderman, a priest who swapped God for the Devil and then gave up both, falling in love with a Greek girl who didn't talk, and potions that make you a better man (and when I say potion I really mean the opposite of poison). If you think the show sounds crazy, you should have seen the encore... a mysterious cube from space then stolen by the military... mystery not solved!

Next stop: K-town AKA Konstanztanople AKA plain old Kontanz