CRUMBS in Konstanz

I will post this backward. First, the post about the mixed show we did with Tmbh. Then I will post the show we did on our own in K-town. Why post it backwards? No reason.

So,the show with Tmbh was really nice, we played the Director's Cut and found great success with this form.

Director's Cut explained:
5 director's are chosen before the show and they each direct a chapter in their storyline. The audience then votes by applause and the weakest story is killed. This is good because the audience gets 5 different stories and they also get to choose their favourite. The second round has the remaining 4 directors continue with chapter 2. The show goes on, the stories go on and the voting goes on. In the end the audience only gets to see the last chapter of their very favourite story. Everybody wins, and us improv players get a peak into the mysterious minds of the audience.

The 5 stories that started the night were:

1- A classic Canadian tale of Hockey

2- A sci-fi thriller that had the two heroes killed in the first scene

3- A Film Noir involving a detective, a femme fatale and a missing pair of earings

4- An adventure with two competing knights hoping to slay an evil Monchichi

5- A classic love story about a girl in the clutches of her mean boss

What story was cut first? What stories moved on? What story was the only one to reach the end?

Next post: the first show in K-town, the CRUMBS show