CRUMBS in K-Town part2

Now K-town is Konstanz, Germany, a nice little touristy town in the south of Germany right on the lake and right on the border to Switzerland. We have given it two nicknames:

#1 K-Town if because it sounds cool, not to be confused with K-town, slang for katemine (thank you to loyal listener Q-base @jaypeecue)

#2 Konstanztanople (not because it is reminiscent of of Constantinople (now its Istanbul not Constantinople) but just because it sounds cool)

*nicknames don't have to make sense, sometimes they can just sound cool.

It has been three years since we were last in K-Town and I don't think much has changed. This year we again did a show at the K9, which is a cool venue. Instantly we remembered the tech (a crotchety yet charming old Irish man named Kevin) and remembered the vibe of the room.

The show? Well let me see here...

A mysterious dream about a book and an old bookshop, a trip down the rabbit hole (inspired by the fact that we saw “Alice in Wonderland” at a cinema in Zurich days ago), a professional murderer and his lonely mother, Ivan the evil murderer who kills murderers, the showdown, writing a story with your tongue and love eventually winning in the end. Make sense? I guess you had to be there.

Thank you Tmbh

Next stop Oslo Norway