CRUMBS IN Bremen, Germany

We arrived in Bremen to a hot hot day. Spring had evaded Europe up until now, it seems that Spring is now invading Europe (but you know, not in a WW2 kinda way). It is great to have some beautiful weather finally, but beautiful weather makes it hard to convince people to escape the beauty to sit in a dark theatre to watch a couple of Canadians do some “make'em ups”. Thankfully, the theatre was full in Bremen.

The show suggestions were “Sex in the City” which I tried not to take (we used it anyways, though quite briefly), “Pencil” and “Camping”.

Cut to a couple of guys in the woods setting up camp, they are there for a manly weekend of “roughing it” and also to escape from the girl that broke one of their hearts. It turns out that one of them thought that roughing it included not bringing anything out to the woods and really surviving like the cavemen did. The other, who is the one with the broken heart, brought a tent, and food, and a lighter, and a need to express his grief.

We then jump to an art class where Ramone is learning to become an artist. He gets caught “cheating” by his art teacher when she sees him looking at other people's art. It turns out that Ramone has a gift for doodling amusing comics of people that annoy him. Later we see him with his buddy at a bar complaining about the art class, his buddy reassures him of his talent.

The two guys in the woods argue about what it means to be best friends and to “rough it”. Meanwhile, Tanya (the former girlfriend of broken-hearted guy in woods) is being hit on by a co-worker named Rocco. Rocco is the epitome of manly man, the perfect example of “meat head”, he is exactly what a “douche bag” is when not referring to it as a feminine hygiene product. She turns him down, as she is still having feeling for her freshly broken-hearted boy. Rocco decides to sneak into the woods to scare the boys, because that is what assholes like him do.

Now it turns out that everyone keeps talking about the woods and the mysterious murders that have taken place there. This freaks out the broken-hearted boy (who perhaps had a name, but jeez, I just can't remember it).

Ramone finds success with his doodles, sells a piece, and becomes a professional artist. This attracts the attention of one of the art students and they end up getting married even though she seems to be interested in Ramone for the art fame.

The boy and the girl get back together. Rocco and the other guy become friends (by hunting rabbits with their bare hands). They all four also end up finding and catching the “demon” that has been wandering the woods and murdering. This included Tanya's father, one the boy's uncle, and Rocco's aunt. The “demon” turned out to be the mayor of town who was trying to scare people out of the woods so he could buy it and make it into a mall... And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those kids...