CRUMBS in Goetting

Goettingen, Gotting, The Gott, Gertingen

These are all nicknames for where we were in Germany. We have been coming to this town and doing shows at the Lumiere for years now.

This is also home of “The Coach” and the Goettingen Comedy Company. Lars was nicknamed “The Coach” many years ago on our tour, so long I can hardly remember why. It must be the way he takes care of us. For those of you that have followed the tour blog for some years may remember that “The Coach” nearly lost his leg in a freak trampoline accident. His recovery is coming along quite well. He can walk and he can now almost move his foot naturally.

The show's suggestions were: Looking for Wind and Practicing Piano...

This became the story of the wind farmer looking for wind which has stopped mysteriously since the volcanoes in Iceland have been erupting. He also informs us all that he makes power from the wind and doesn't create the wind with the windmills... some people huh?

And the man who plays the piano so horribly that his wife makes him get rid of it. He always wants to play it even though he sucks so bad. She isn't perfect either, she obsessively brushes her teeth.

The wind farmer goes on a mission to defeat the volcano to bring the wind back. His son wants to just be a real farmer instead of just a wind farmer. We also see a weatherman and a banker who find friendship over a game of squash.

The piano playing man finally finds someone who plays worse piano than him and this gives him hope. (It isn't a cat though, that is just a funny picture...)

The wind farmer defeats the volcano and just as mysteriously as it stopped, the wind returns. His son steals chickens and starts to be a real farmer, he also finds a friend with the farmers who are his neighbours.

A happy ending once again.