CRUMBS is soon to be on tour!

The CRUMBS "Berlin or Bust" improv comedy fundraiser is almost here! This is probably the best part of going away, the bon voyage show. This show is Saturday, March 12th at the Gas Station Theatre.

Call 284-9477 for your tickets today! Don't be the one who shows up and has no ticket because the show SOLD OUT, really do call the theatre NOW and reserve your ticket. DO IT!

We will be screening a short film we made back in 2006. It was only seen by those who attended the WNDX one shot film festival. We shot it with Darren Wall on 16mm black and white film in one continues shot. No editting except for the "in camera" editing. You will want to see the 2006 version of CRUMBS in a film.

The time is almost here when CRUMBS again departs on the annual Euro Touro. Getting everything done before we go is always stressful.

-Doing all our laundry and packing

-Finishing all our improv workshops (Prairie Theatre Exchange, in the High Schools, The Academy of Acting as well as other freelance workshops...)

-Finishing the CRUMBS shows at the King's Head as part of "The Free Laughs Comedy Show". (Our last show was March 1st and did in fact rock!)

-Clean and lock up the CRUMBS Mansion (and hopefully find someone to look after and feed all the animals in the CRUMBS Zoo)

And after making sure all of our "ducks are in a row" and all our "I's are dotted and our T's are crossed" we can then relax as we step aboard the CRUMBS private jet and fly to Europe for yet another tour. We start things off in Berlin at the biggest festival of improvisation in all of Europe. We then tour all over Europe doing our hilarious freestyle comedy show and our amazing improvisational workshops. We then end off our tour in Munich at a TED event where we will be doing a performance and a "talk". We might end up doing our talk on potential misinformation of the cyber media and the laziness of not fact checking before updating a website (click here to understand this joke).

All in all, you should be checking back here for tour updates and for clever and insightful observations, as I will be trying to keep myself sane by posting on this website/blog as often as possible.