CRUMBS the Euro Touro in Pictures

While on tour throughout Europe, we take picture. Here are some of those pictures we've taken so far.

 The crazy monkey fountain in Switzerland
 The "work 4 donuts" store
 The Friends Bar (yes this is real)
 Lee's birthday fireworks
 The famous "Naked Guy and Eagle" statue in Zurich
 The famous "Red Mohawk riding a Quad" in Zurich
 Insane Eyeball coat on a random older lady in Zurich
 Nice town in Switzerland
Bird's eye view of Zurich
 Flying to Berlin for the IMPRO Festival
 The London Police mural in Kreuzberg 36
 Me and Zurich down below
 Car crash, gas station, church
 On stage at the opening show in Berlin
 Another mural in Kreuzberg 36
 In Germany, wearing a Swastika is illegal except when in performance. This is from a performance at the Berlin IMPRO Festival.
 Oh crap, someone bought a bunch of ice and then spilled it while taking it home in their shopping cart.
 Me as an American soldier circa 1948
 A couple American soldiers sharing a smoke break
 Matt and Naomi sharing a dance at the end of the show. We played in three eras; 1981, 1948 and 1927
 Street art in Berlin is plentiful
The General and the Hippie (with Lee White and Randy Dixon)

There are still some word updates to come. The rest of the Switzerland updates as well as the Berlin IMPRO Festival update. Don't worry (I know you aren't worried). Thanks for reading and looking and being cool.