CRUMBS Euro Touro: Switzerland Part 1

Well, CRUMBS has arrived safely and in one piece. We are now in Europe and into our tour. We didn't necessarily all arrive in Europe at the same time (but that is another story).

Our first stop on the tour this year (2013 for those who are confused) is and was Switzerland. We arrived in Basel and set up our headquarters for fighting the jet lag battle. Our first show was in Basel and it just happend to also be Lee's birthday, though the show had nothing to do with birthdays until the very end when a birthday cake was presented and the candles were then blown out (good job Lee).

Thank you all Basel folks for making us defeat jet lag so nicely! (Semi-Circle & Die Impronauten)

The Basel show:

A zoo. In the zoo we see the relationship between the retiring janitor and the lone hippo. The hippo is sad to see the janitor go (and nothing is sadder than a crying hippo it turns out). The hippo escapes to find the janitor while the janitor returns (with a stripper... long story) only to be locked in the cage by a chimpanzee. They are reunited and the hippo goes on to kill the chimp while the stripper, stripped of her stripper clothes, rides him (it all made sense at the time).

In another story, a husband and wife dealt with their relationship problems (of course, rarely does a show not involve problems). The problems centered on the fact the the husband (being a businessman) was obsessed with numbers and the wife just wanted to live a life of care free wonder. So while trying to work through their problems, they go to the park and find some abandoned children (another long story). They find their true calling in life by "adopting" the children. Happiness ensues.

And so our first was done. The tour is a go. And the next post will be our show in Schaffausen (we'd never heard of it before either).