Euro Touro 2016 Part 1

CRUMBS are back on tour in Europe. It hasn't been since 2014 that CRUMBS have been together on European soil. Pretty exciting stuff right? And to think that it was way back in the spring of 2001 that CRUMBS first hopped over the pond from Canada to Europe so if I do the math correctly and crunch the numbers... it is the 15 year anniversary of CRUMBS on a Euro Touro. Wow, time does fly by. 

Here's what the little Euro Touro looks like:

Sat, May 7th - Hamburg

Thu, May 12th - Berlin 

Sat, May 14th - The Hague

Thu, May 19-May 21 - Leipzig

Sun, May 22nd - Baden (CH)

Sun, May 29th - Berlin