The Winnipeg Fringe!

With summer in Winnipeg comes the hot hot heat. No it isn't just a time for escape to the cabin or the beach. No it's not just a time of fighting mosquitoes and other pests. No it's not just a time to remember that it isn't winter. It is also a time of great improv and comedy. Live shows are not only a winter sport.

The Winnipeg Fringe Festival? What fringe shows should you really be getting excited about? Is the Fringe happening in Winnipeg July 13th - 24th?

Winnipeg Fringe Website LINK!

Every Night it's the same... It's Different!
(Every night at the King's Head pub at 8:45pm)

CRUMBS returns with the already sold-out run of already hilarious shows. It's crazy, the tickets aren't even on sale yet and they're sold out. It's ridiculous, the show hasn't even been created yet and it's already hilarious. A fully improvised show scored by DJ Hunnicutt and created by the power of imagination. All in the comfort of the King's Head Pub. Get your tickets early, because as we've already mentioned, they're already sold out.

Advanced Tickets on sale NOW

CRUMBS Facebook event LINK

The Big Stupid Improv Show
Asper Centre for Theatre (at the U of W)

The Big Stupid Improv Show returns in all it's Big and Stupid improv glory. This is the now legendary improv jam show that gathers improvisers, comedians, and fringe performers and throws them onstage together. The show has been running at the Fringe since 1999. Who will you see this year? What will you see this year?

July 13 6:30pm

July 15 1pm

July 17 2:45pm

July 19 4pm

July 21 10:15pm

July 23 12 noon

July 24 7:30pm

Advanced Tickets on sale NOW

Big Stupid Improv Facebook Event Link

Comedy Isn't Funny Anymore
Onstage at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre (Venue #4)

Comedy Isn't Funny Anymore is a post-modern take on 

the golden age of comedy.

Stephen Sim is funny. Caity Curtis is funny. They want you 

to laugh. More than that, they want you to laugh at the 

right parts of the show. How will you know when to 

laugh? How will you determine when the funny is 

happening? Is comedy even funny? Good luck, Audience 


These are two comedians. (CRUMBS, The Winnipeg 

Improv Festival, The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The Big 

Stupid Improv Show, King’s Head Comedy Knights, The 

(Improvised) Bachelorette, Vancouver Sketchfest, TEDx 

Winnipeg, general international fame…)

july 14 11:30pm

july 16 3pm

july 17 5:45pm

july 19 1:45pm

july 20 7pm

july 22 12 noon

july 23 5pm

Advanced Tickets on sale NOW

Facebook Event Page

Are there more shows to see at the FRINGE? You bet. In fact, you should go see them all!

Next Act 2016 is coming to Winnipeg, Manitoba! 
From August 2 – 6 improvisers from all over Canada will be joining the Next Act ensemble for 5 days and 5 nights of intense improv training and performances.

Winnipeg is known internationally for its unique style of long form improv. The Next Act Ensemble can expect to be challenged and charmed by the ‘Prairie Style’ improv experience. The Ensemble will be directed by Winnipeg improv legends, Aaron Merke (BUCKO), Stephen Sim (CRUMBS) and Caity Curtis.