CRUMBS in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, the birthplace of the Frankfurter hot dog wiener. Birthplace of the Frankfurt airport. Birthplace of everyone named Frank.

We stayed in a hotel right by the station which means we stayed in a hotel right in the middle of the roughest part of the red light district... pretty cool stuff. What is it about red light districts and bordellos in Europe, we just end up knee deep in them while on tour.

The show was at the Gallus Theatre, which we played once back in 2004 or 2005. The show was great and from some reports, it was the biggest audience that Frankfurt has had for an improv show EVER.

The suggestions were: “Circus Artist” and “Knife”

The show centered around a trapeze performer who desperately wanted to be called an artist rather than a performer. She was being mentored by a total dick, the supposed famous trapeze artist who controlled her every move. He even made sure she didn't eat... yes, what a dick.

We also followed a butcher who wondered what it would be like to butcher a person... I know crazy right?

Back at the circus we also find out about the secret lives of clowns (CoCo, Big Red and Mr Farty Pants were the clowns at this circus... classic clown names). CoCo was in fact in love with the trapeze gal but their relationship was forbidden.

The butcher keeps getting tempted by this mysterious stranger who wanders into his butcher shop. No ID, no family, new to town, nobody knows he is here... Oh the butcher goes through a moral struggle. He decides to give it a try. It then turns out that the mysterious stranger was a serial killer himself and was going to kill the butcher. They laughed.

The trapeze gal and the clown are still in love and get reunited. She leaves the dick and finds a true master and then performs the most dangerous trapeze move ever... the one handed reverse butterfly. Amazing!

The butcher and killer team up and kill the dick who was at the circus... everyone cheers. The other folks start their own new circus... everyone is happy.